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Manufacturing Companies

The typical manufacturing company is a whole lot more complex than the average commercial enterprise. That’s why the ordinary, off-the-shelf business insurance policy just won’t do when you’re a manufacturer. It’s also why you need to deal with manufacturer’s insurance specialists like those we have at TCIS.

What should a typical plan include? You may have no clue—many business owners don’t. So we sit down with you and assess your current situation. No two manufacturers are completely alike, so our goal is to set you up with only those coverages you really need.
For example, you might need coverage for your entire facility, including machinery, plant, loss of profit, and both public and product liability. In some cases, you’ll want to add additional coverages like employer’s liability, computer breakdown, employee theft or fraud, and general property protection.

We’ll help you figure out what you need to protect your assets against threats of all kinds.

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